How Do Hollinbay’s IT Support Services Work?

Report the fault1

Report the fault

online via our helpdesk or on the phone

We'll call you back2

We'll call you back

With an answer or further advice

Get back to work3

Get back to work

Once the fault has been resolved.

Reporting An Issue

When you experience a problem, all you need to do is report it to our team of Engineers (via the telephone or online using our helpdesk), and they will take care of the rest.

Once logged, they will determine the cause of the fault, and take the appropriate action to get it resolved ASAP.

Remote IT Support

Lots of issues can be resolved by reconfiguring the settings on your server or device, and our Engineers don’t always need access to your premises to do this. By entering a unique code on our homepage, our Engineers can take direct control of your machine remotely (RDP for servers), allowing them to resolve the fault for you there and then.

Don’t have access to the Internet? Not a problem. An Engineer will guide you through each step over the telephone instead.

Onsite IT Support Services

If your hardware has failed or the problem can’t be resolved remotely, our next step would be to visit your premises to either fix the device on-site, or return it to our workshop for further investigation. We can then determine whether it can be fixed or needs replacing. If your hardware is beyond repair, one of our dedicated Account Managers will always help you source an appropriate replacement.

When you have an issue with IT…

Do you turn to a colleague for help or search for the answer using Google? How quickly do your stress levels escalate when you can’t find a solution, or get lost in a sea of online forums?

Before you know it, an hour (or more) has passed and you’re no closer to getting it resolved. Furthermore, the task that you were trying to complete in the first place, is now in a long queue of other jobs that require your immediate attention.

Your day might have started like any other, but it has rapidly declined into an absolute nightmare, all because of a fault with your IT.

If this sounds familiar, Hollinbay’s IT Support Services can help.

Hollinbay will get IT sorted.

Hollinbay’s IT Support Services are designed to put your mind at ease and get you back up and running as quickly as possible, when IT lets you down.

Our team of experts have the skills, tools and knowledge to solve your problems.

Hollinbay’s Fully Managed IT Support Services include; 1 – 4 hour response for critical issues*, 1, 4 or 8 hour response for non-critical issues and a dedicated Account Manager.

Let us take care for your IT, so you can take care of business!

*Response times will vary depending on the level of support your business requires.

Get the Support you want, when you need IT most!

Call us on 0113 250 8006 or send an email to

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